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The Story

If anyone has lived through a flooding, they know that the site of the house after the flood subsides is not a charming one, especially if the water is a mix of sand, and mud and sewer material.

When I returned, to see my apartment after flooding, it was still an unexpected scene, even though I was expecting the worst. Everything that we left in a hurry, including children books, clothes in closets, toys, beddings, beds, was ruined. The furniture all played musical chair with itself after the water tossed it around. The apartment was declared uninhabitable. Except for few dishes in the kitchen closets, everything was left as is to be junked by the restoration crew.

But the funny thing is, within few days of that I had a new apartment, and I had more than enough toys for my boy and girl. My boy at time was young and his stroller was lost in the flood but we got a stroller without having to go to market. All things we got from other caring moms that had those precious belongings to share, some for minor cost and other for free.

That’s when it struck me, that all moms share a special bond with each other and they take care of things long after their utility value has run out, but their emotional value never expired and I thought it will be nice to have a site which connects local moms so that they can build a commerce network that only they truly understand and share what’s on their mind

This site provides an easy way for moms to sell, trade or giveaway stuff to other moms, and share coupons news or whatever else they want to.