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MomsBazaar FAQ

Is there a fee to list items?

There is no fee as long as you are a mom and not a commercial entity listing the items.

What about listing a service I offer to the moms?

Same as before, there are no fee as long as you are not a commercial entity.

What is the benefit of listing my items here?

Your items will be searchable online as well as this site. Other moms will find your product and services. It is one more option for you to bring your products to spot light and bring them to the moms that will be able to appreciate and understand the value more than anyone else.

Is this site secure?

The site is secure, but communication between you and other moms is completely your responsibility. While we do approve users and listings, we make no guarantees about the identity of the moms registering and listing their items. General rule of online communication is that you don’t give out your personal information, especially anything related to bank information, unless you have established some trust with the other mom. Same goes for meeting in person to exchange items. Communicate in advance, have some checks and referrals done, before you give out your personal info.

Remember you DON’T need to give bank information to anyone to get paid. You can simply get paid by using peer to peer payment options listed below. On the same token use caution when paying through peer to peer mechanisms using email addresses or other soft identification mechanisms such as social media logins etc.

How do I get paid for items I list?

You can use any of various peer to peer payment options below. Before you decide to pay, verify the identity and email of the person you are paying.

Some peer to peer payment options are listed below.



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